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During avionics upgrades on your current aircraft you are faced with a growing challenge. How can you provide differences training for your flight crews on these new avionics before the aircraft are ready for service?


The solution is Rockwell Collins Virtual Avionics Procedures Trainer (VAPT). Because we directly integrate Rockwell Collins avionics software, VAPT lets flight crews experience the capabilities, functions and procedures found in the aircraft without the high costs that come with using the aircraft.


At the heart of the VAPT system is a unique combination of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) PC-based hardware and Rockwell Collins avionics software. The re-hosting of the actual avionics software on COTS hardware provides a cost effective training option. It also ensures that the VAPT displays not only look like those in the aircraft, they operate the same way too. Pilots will not only effectively familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the displays, they will also be able to quickly develop critical spatial skills enabling them to get the information they need when they need it – reducing cockpit workload.

VAPT’s unique software re-hosting architecture also guarantees that when you change equipment or upgrade displays in the aircraft, all it takes is a software upgrade to the VAPT system and your flight crews are training on the same new avionics they will soon be flying. All delivered well before your avionics upgrade, insuring timely retraining of your pilot force.



  • Reduced operational costs
  • High fidelity training early in upgrade program
  • Software based for ease of reconfiguration
  • Scalable to multiple aircraft platforms
  • Flexibility that allows for future software upgrades without hardware modifications


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  • Wireless Instructor Operator Station (IOS)
  • Modular system hardware configuration for portability
  • Configurable, expandable, simulator common software
  • Provides virtual Control Display Unit (CDU) and Multifunction Display (MFD) formats
  • Supports a variety of data link operations



Even experienced pilots can become overwhelmed by all the information presented in a modern cockpit. VAPT eliminates the problem by allowing crews to experience the same display information and operational functionality on the ground as they will in the air. Using a combination of large touch-screens and virtual graphic representations of the actual Rockwell Collins display software, VAPT looks and functions like the “real thing.” Want to set a radio frequency? Just tap the display and “turn” the virtual knob. VAPT lets flight crews practice every pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight avionics operational procedure they will find in the actual aircraft.



If your fleet is equipped with Rockwell Collins avionics, VAPT is the ideal cost-effective and flexible solution. The displays and virtual controls are created using Rockwell Collins avionics software re-hosted on COTS PC-based hardware, simplifying future upgrades, without expensive LRUs or hardware to change. So your VAPT system is always up to date. And since it’s all software based, you can easily switch from one flight deck to another using the same hardware. It’s the perfect solution for operators flying a mixed fleet.



Another unique benefit to the VAPT system is that the software it uses is the same software that is found in the aircraft your pilots will be flying. That means pilots will be able to do all their avionics familiarization training on aircraft software well before the aircraft is delivered. The pilots are ready to go when the aircraft is.



There are other avionics procedures trainers, but none of them are built and supported by the company that makes the avionics they simulate. VAPT is the only system that operates on the same software used in the cockpit. It’s a highly cost-effective solution that enables pilots to virtually train on the equipment they will use in the aircraft. Pilots walk away from a VAPT session with the knowledge and confidence they need to safely operate in today’s active ATC environment.



VAPT is just part of Rockwell Collins’ full spectrum of cost-effective training solutions. As a world-leading avionics supplier we provide an array of training solutions to ensure that our customers get the greatest benefits from their avionics systems. Rockwell Collins’ training portfolio includes everything from instructor-lead training to desktop and web-based tools, to full motion flight training devices.

Training is just part of our unsurpassed level of support. Other services include product documentation, spares, on-site service and full warranty support.


Watch: Rockwell Collins Virtual Avionics Procedure Trainer Video


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