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Welcome to the Collins Aerospace Supplier Portal. We remain committed to seamless customer service excellence as we integrate Rockwell Collins and UTC Aerospace Systems. Right now, there are no functional changes in the way you access or use the Portal.

 Monday, May 13th - Users are still experiencing issues with confirming open orders in the Purchase Order application.  Digital Technologies has found that if the user changes the Items Per Page to over 100, their updates will not SAVE.  Please keep your Items Per Page on the Purchase Order app to under 100 until DT can fix the problem.  

Small Parcel Shipment Clarification
We would like to clarify the process for small parcel shipments (packages weighing less than 150 lbs/70kg) for Collins Aerospace European versus U.S. sites. Effective April 22, FedEx became the primary supplier for small parcel shipments between U.S. sites. However, for small parcel shipments from European sites, we continue to work with the existing carriers.

We will be transitioning to FedEx for small parcel shipments to our European sites in the near future and will provide more information on that schedule when it becomes available. This change will allow us to realize greater cost savings and efficiencies than previously possible. Please note that this change applies to heritage Rockwell Collins suppliers only. Interior Systems (formerly B/E Aerospace) suppliers will continue to use their existing carriers for small parcel shipments.

Routing Guides and *Shipping Account Numbers for the UK, France and Germany will be updated on the Supplier Portal when those sites transition to FedEx. (*Note: the FedEx account numbers for shipments to U.S. sites are NOT eligible to be used for shipments to European sites - please consult the Supplier Portal Index page under “Shipping” for FedEx accounts to be used for Europe.)

A communication will also be sent to suppliers shipping to European sites clarifying the current and proposed small parcel shipping process for their awareness.

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Collins Aerospace is committed to providing our suppliers with the information that is key to their success. 

The Supplier Portal provides a single interface that makes doing business with Collins Aerospace simple and convenient.

Trusted Supplier Program

Collins Aerospace delivers smart communication and aviation electronic solutions to customers worldwide. Backed by a global network of service and support, we stand committed to putting technology and practical innovation to work for you whenever and wherever you need us. In this way, working together, we build trust every day.

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RC-9000 (Rockwell Collins "Heritage" Suppliers Only)
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RCUK Form 352 General Terms & Conditions
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RCFrance, General Terms and Conditions (French Version - Rev F)

Technical Support

For immediate help please call 1-888-721-3094 or access Worldwide Support.