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Collins Aerospace is committed to providing our suppliers with the information that is key to their success. The Supplier Portal provides a single interface that makes doing business with Collins Aerospace simple and convenient.


 Forecast Application Data Delay Issue Resolved - Wednesday, April 24
Forecast data has refreshed on the Portal this morning and the issue has been resolved.
 Transportation Management System (TMS) Issue - Tuesday, April 23
TMS is currently experiencing an issue when PO line items are split and not appearing in the TMS application. We ask that you please ship orders requiring line item splits outside TMS until further notice.
Supplier Quality Notification
Collins Aerospace is reminding all suppliers of their continued obligations to comply with quality flow down requirements. During future supplier audits conducted by Collins, these topics may be reviewed and validated for compliance.
 Portal Password Reset Issue - Wednesday, March 27
Users have reported having issues resetting their passwords. They receive the reset email, attempt to reset their password and then are locked out of the portal. Please note that this is only affecting users that need to reset their passwords.
Quality Bulletin - The Issue of Missing First Article Inspections (FAIs)
Review this Quality Bulletin for an important reminder regarding the issue of missing FAIs and how they cause delays potentially impacting production. Also, this Bulletin covers best practice for reviewing FAIs prior to submittal to help make sure they pass on first review and don't require rework. Quality Bulletin - please note that access to this bulletin requires portal log in.

Update for Current and New Users


New users will be prompted to sign up for Duo during the registration process. Existing users will be required to perform a password reset by clicking on the Forgot Password link on the Sign In page. During the password reset, the existing user will be prompted to establish their Duo account.

A complete guide to this process can be found Here.

Supplier Resources

Potential Supplier Form
Request Portal Access Removal

Ariba Network (for existing Collins suppliers)
Getting Started Guide
Recorded Supplier Training Session
W8-W9 Guidelines/Forms

Interiors Suppliers Only
BE-PUR-P7.43 Supplier Quality Requirements (Rev L)
COL-ASQR-PRO-0003 Aerospace Supplier Quality Requirements
Interior Systems Routing Guide

Supplier Quality Management System Requirements
Ground Based RC-9000
COL-ASQR-PRO-0003 Aerospace Supplier Quality Requirements

Routing Guide - Shipping Instructions (US | France | Germany)
Routing Guide Overview (video)

Supplier Management
Code of Ethics (UTC)
Supplier Code of Conduct (UTC)

Supplier Portal
Registering for the Supplier Portal

Supplier Public Documents
3D LCD Application Guidelines

Supplier Quality Portal
Registering for the Supplier Quality Portal 
Supplier Quality Onboarding Checklist

Terms & Conditions (Collins "Heritage" Suppliers Only)
RTX Standard Terms and Condition of Purchase
RCH Terms Addendum - Collins Aerospace
General Terms & Conditions of Purchase (Form 99FP) (For purchase orders issued through 30 September 2019)
Flowdown of U.S. Government Contract Clauses under U.S. Government Contracts
Attachment A to General Terms and Conditions of Purchase (Form 99FP) (For purchase orders issued through 30 September 2019)
RCUK Form 352 General Terms & Conditions
RC Germany, General Terms and Conditions (English and German versions superseded with German Supplements saved here)
RC France, General Terms and Conditions (English | French)