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Virtual Avionics Training Products

What does Rockwell Collins offer?

Rockwell Collins offers a flexible, cost-effective, easily updatable way to keep your personnel fully prepared. Because our virtual avionics training solutions re-host the same avionics coding that your aircraft uses, your trainees will develop skills that directly translate to the systems they use on the aircraft.


Virtual Avionics Procedures Trainer (VAPT)

Ready your flight crew even before your avionics upgrades are completed with VAPT. The system duplicates the look and operation of your aircraft’s avionics suite for unsurpassed procedures, differences and familiarization training.


Flight Management System (FMS) Desktop Trainers

The re-hosted avionics software can be installed on a personal computer (basic desktop trainer) or on a stand-alone desktop training station that offers a range of features (enhanced desktop trainer).


Rehosted Operational Flight Programs and/or Data Packages

When you choose Rockwell Collins for solutions to your training needs, you gain the exclusive advantages of going straight to the source of the avionics systems that are central to your training program. Because we design, engineer and update the avionics on your aircraft platforms, our training software is an exact match. There’s no reverse engineering to add expense, time and uncertainty to your program. You get the highest functional fidelity faster and at the greatest value.

Companies can also request to use our data packages in their development of simulators or other training devices. We can provide you with packages that address your specific requirements. Choose from a wide variety of data, including: aircraft system manuals; flight-deck operational requirements; system architecture and design; software requirements; and installation manuals.

For more information on support for any of our Simulator and Training Solutions, please contact us by email.

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