Web and Computer Based Training Overview

Your pilots, operators and maintainers can gain familiarization and develop skills with convenient Computer-Based Training (CBT). Choose from a large menu of existing stand-alone or Web-enabled CBT's or let us design a custom CBT for your specific application or aircraft platform.


To search our entire computer based training library please select Computer Based Training in the drop down below or use your own search criteria to find training or publication items that support your platform or products.  If you do not find a certain computer based training, please reach out to TrainingRegistrar@Collins.com.


Publication Type:
Publication title:
Example: Radio tuning
product part number:
Example: 523-0811010
Equipment type:
Example: WRT-701X
Equipment part number:
Example: 822-1152-001
ATA number:
Example: 34-70-10
Alternative/SB/SIL number:
Example: CDU-XX00-34-15
Example: Pro Line
Example: B747
Publication released from:
Example: 2014-01-01
Publication released to:
Example: 2014-01-01

Computer Based Training Course Information

If you do not see a CBT that fits your need, please contact us at TrainingRegistrar@Collins.com or call us at 319-295-4672. 


We also offer capabilities to design custom CBT courses.  If your company is interested in custom Computer-Based Training for your specific application, platform, or company, please contact our team at TrainingRegistrar@Collins.com or call us at 319-295-4672. 

Training Contacts

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Collins Aerospace Toulouse Learning Center 
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