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Helpdesk - Password and DUO Support

Phone: 888-721-3094 Option 2
Phone: 319-295-5000 Option 2

Subscription Questions

Phone: 319-295-5000 Option 3
Fax: 319-295-8757

Database Content Technical Support

Phone: 319-295-5000 Option 1, Option 2

Database Loading | Avionics Technical Support

Phone: 319-295-5000 Option 1, Option 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Portal Registration Process: 

If you currently do not have a portal account, please follow the registration process located on our main FAQ site: Portal Registration (New User)


Downloading a Database: 

Your database downloads will appear on the right side of the Aeronautical Data Services Home page. If there is a sizing issue and the databases are not displaying correctly, select Database Downloads towards the top of the page to display only the downloads. 


Select the database you would like to download by clicking on the link once to initiate the download.

Notice towards the top of your browser that the loading indicator is spinning in the active tab. Please wait for it to complete. 

The download will appear under downloads and will provide the status of the download and an estimate of its progress.

Once complete, you may need to click trust the file and then you should be able to see it in your downloads file explorer or can move it from the above screen into the file explorer.