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J.A.Reinhardt (an RTX company) specializes in thermal management systems for the aerospace industry. We provide complex critical systems that cool aircraft components used in communication and electronic warfare platforms, enabling pilots to carry out their missions effectively. 



A revision of MTH-QLT-PRO-0401 will be published for review on 5/15/2024, and will become effective with the COL-ASQR-PRO-0003 implementation on 7/1/2024. MTH-QLT-PRO-0401 will provide key details to assist in the compliance to COL-ASQR-PRO-0003 as well as define Collins Aerospace J.A. Reinhardt's Supplier performance expectations, escalation processes, and additional specific quality requirements.


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MTH-QLT-PRO-0401-01 Supplier Quality Manual

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