Collins Aerospace Reliability Evaluation and Corrective Action Program is a database and communications resource.  It is intended for RECAP participating airlines and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).  Please note that the data provided on this site is securely protected.  To proceed to RECAP Reports, Vision or Requirements, please use the links located in the upper left corner of this community page.



  • Acquire removal/repair, fleet configuration, and hours data from the customer on a regular basis.
  • Establish user friendly online access to the RECAP database
  • Issue a regular report summarizing equipment performances and corrective actions.
  • Help reduce delays and cancellations.
  • Develop a close working relationship with participating airlines.


  • Reliability increases with resulting cost of ownership reduction
  • Performance at each airlines against industry
  • Corrective action feedback
  • Early rogue aircraft/equipment detection
  • Reduced delays and cancellations


  • RECAP will acquire accurate and complete data from the customer on a regular basis.
  • RECAP will provide useful and timely information to the customer.
  • RECAP will aid in problem resolution involving Collins equipment.
  • RECAP will establish a closed-loop communication link with the customer.


To initiate participation, the airline must submit a list of aircraft by type and tail number,
along with a list of each equipment type, and number installed in each aircraft.

Information to be electronically submitted monthly by the Airline:

  • Manufacturer Part number removed
  • Manufacturer Part number installed (optional)
  • Manufacturer Serial number removed
  • Manufacturer Serial number installed (optional)
  • Aircraft Type
  • Aircraft Tail number or Aircraft Serial number
  • Position (optional)
  • Work Order number (unique record identifier)
  • Removal Date
  • Scheduled or Unscheduled Removal
  • Reason for Removal (English)
  • Time Since Installed (T.S.I) (optional)
  • Flight Hours per Tail/AC Serial number, per Month
  • Copies of teardown reports are necessary if the repair was done at a non-Collins repair facility (English)


Questions regarding RECAP participation or this website may be directed to:





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